Refund Policy

When you are buying something from us then we secure your exchanges and furthermore expect that any card data that you give to us is consistent with your insight. Your card company respect the charges acquire to you and whatever charges will come, you will pay the same. By considering different budget of the customer, we have made two options either pay every month on recurring basis or pay one time depending on what suits your budget.


After every successful payment our customers receive an Authorization Email from Refinerz Billing Department to ensure that the payment is authorized, including the service names and durations. Payments are only accepted after the customer authorizes the payment by replying to the authorization email from us.

Membership Card

In every transaction, customers are given Membership Card purchase option which is option and the same is shipped to their respective shipping address to avail exciting card benefits.

Refund and Cancellation

For customers looking for cancellation before shipment a full refund is offered. For customers who receives the product and after keeping it for a week wants to return the product, the customer bears a 20% cancellation fee in which the shipping, handling and product investigation charges are included. A 30 days grace period is offered in which if the customer faces the system issue, we provide full refund with no additional charge if the product. After the delivery of the return shipment of the product, it goes to a product verification team and if the product is found different other that the product shipped to the customer, the customer bears the to and fro shipping charges. Whereas for the product cancellation, only partial refund will be given if claimed before 30 days. In case of mistake transactions, we will reverse the full amount. Customers can pay using physical check, debit card, credit card, PayPal or by e-check. We have more than 90% customer satisfaction rate. We want our service to expand so we take all necessary precautions during issue resolution for a long term relationship with the customers.

Customer Bonding

We do not process customer payment without getting final resolution confirmation from customer. We don’t have any affiliation or association with any brand or company unless specified. In every statement our company name “Refinerz” is mentioned in their billing. We don’t mislead any customer by saying any association to any company and we don’t keep any customer’s payment information and get the payments done from customer end to protect customer financial privacy.

We keep on revising our refund policy from time to time so we request all website visitors to keep checking our policy update. We assist our customers to get printed invoice in order to avoid confusions. Our customers can always call, write or visit our store in USA if they have any complaint, feedback or other request.

Toll-Free: +1 (888) 386 6488