Fire TV Stick

$69.69 $99.99

Streaming devices are now a crucial part of the TV-watching experience. While most new TVs come with a smart TV platform built-in, you can easily swap it out for one you like better by adding a streaming stick or box to your TV via an HDMI connection. Roku makes some of the most popular streaming players, but the company is starting to face stiff competition from streaming devices by Apple, Google and Amazon.

Amazon in particular has pushed aggressively into the streaming market by producing a plethora of Fire TV-branded streaming devices. We’ve reviewed them all, and found that we tend to like Roku products best for their easy use and their platform-agnostic approach — Roku’s menus don’t favor one service (like, for example, Prime Video) over others. That said, Amazon’s Fire TV devices are highly capable too, especially if you want Alexa voice integration.

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Amazon’s range is robust and runs the gamut from the basic Fire TV Stick Lite to the midrange Fire TV Stick 4K Max to the top-tier Fire TV Cube, as well as a bunch of models in between. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Our guide to the best Fire TV streaming device will help you pick out the right model for you.