About Us

Word from the owner

“We all have doubts and fears when it comes to do shopping online or seeking someone to help us fix those different computer issues. It can be hard to let go and trust a company that desires to do the right thing including fair pricing. The bigger businesses have forgotten the little things over time; thinking about profit for them is their true love, though some of us know there is a higher love working in our world, besides mans so-called genius”. 

That’s how it is every day with Refinerz. Those blessed technicians and sales people are the heart an’ soul, the life’s blood, wanting to do what is only needed for our client’s welfare. If ya take a moment of your time and check us out, perhaps we may be able to show you what we’re about.  

“You just might be totally surprised to find there is a much different spirit of heart growing at Refinerz, because respect and humility for another employee or perspective client is sorely lacking in today’s business arena. Thinking everyone is expendable at the drop of a hat or phone call, which is a sickness of immoral character from those at the top”! – Paul E. Barr


Our work procedure

Refinerz Services is one of the electronic products and service providers, which started its business from South Carolina, USA in the year 2017. We reach customers from USA, Canada and United Kingdom. The company has an onsite store in Kershaw, South Carolina and offers computer, printer, router, scanner, GPS products and services.

All sales and services are done under careful supervision of Refinerz Certified Technicians. We hire professionals with the specialization in various technologies. Our professionals have accumulated over 20 years of education and professional service in the field ranging from desktop and laptop support, troubleshooting hardware issues, software support, network repair and data recovery for both home and corporate customers. We keep all preventive measure while handling a simplest issue. Customers are given all the disclaimers before performing any task.

Refinerz provides 12/7 support and 24/7 customer care service. You won’t have to plan your day around when to drop off and pick up your computer. We will work around your schedule to provide the support you need. We are leading in this profession because we’re reliable, friendly and efficient support.


We provide our clients with:

  • Onsite Hardware Repair and Services.
  • Hardware Warranty.
  • Expert IT Support and Services.
  • Personal, Reliable and Friendly Service.

Now days Computer is everywhere weather its office or home. Since it’s a machine so it can get problem anytime in its software or hardware. We found there is huge shortage of support service in United States, Canada and United Kingdom, who can help such people who use computers and don’t have time to run to computer repair stores all the time for getting their simple issues fixed.